Marijuana is becoming increasingly acceptable in American society as a recreational drug and as an alternative medical treatment for chronic pain.

While marijuana is enjoying a surge of cultural approval after being legalized in Colorado, the facts about marijuana use have not changed.

Marijuana may be misunderstood as safe and even beneficial by many Americans, but these beliefs are based on widespread misconceptions about the drug.

Affects Community

Marijuana impairs motor coordination and reaction time and is the second most prevalent drug (after alcohol) implicated in automobile accidents.

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Affects Adolescents

More youth are in treatment for marijuana abuse or dependence than for the use of alcohol and all other drugs.

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Affects Health

Smoked marijuana is not an FDA-approved medicine and has not passed standards of safety and efficacy.

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Affects Employment

Marijuana use impairs the ability to function effectively and safely on the job and increases work-related accidents.

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